BLACKBOX - Production of games, code cards, scratch cards, Advent calendars, gift tags, and lotteries

Blackbox is specialized in the production and development of scratch cards, Advent calendars and lotteries for use in fundraising, marketing and games for the retail sector, as well as the production of tickets, code cards, direct mails, gift certificates with effects and security prints in general.

We offer handling of the entire task – from planning, to production, packaging and distribution. 30 years of experience – and the highest degree of security.

GDPR – The new privacy policy (GDPR) has made it more difficult to find new potential customers and, not least, to collect information on these. Therefore it’s a good idea to use a scratch card or a game to collect customer info and find new potential customers.

We have solved tasks for a large number of businesses and organisations – see our reference list.

Pictures from our production