Blackbox Security Printing -

We manufacture on custom-built production equipment, which enables security prints of any kind.

We have produced games for marketing and fundraising, as well as code card, for the European market and world wide since 1980 – complicated tasks are our specialty. 

Our experience gives you the opportunity to choose the best product at the best price.  


Rotation, inkjet numbering and code print, variable data, door and scratch effects, watermarks, scent prints. Manufacture of direct mails with variable data and games. We apply scratch mixture – also in 4 colours – and we offer door effects adapted to your task.

Specialized in production of raffle tickets and rolled tickets for promotion.


Blackbox Security Printing  guarantees the highest safety levels adapted to the task.


We have customers in Europe, Asia, Africa, New Zealand, Japan and Australia.

 Photo: 4-colour rotary print with ability for printing-on variable data + cut-outs and gluing