We print Advent calendars and Christmas lotteries

Largest supplier of Advent calendars to Europe - both scratch calendars as well as calendars with 24 doors.

We manufacture large edition Advent calendars for use in marketing or fundraising on our large rotary printers where we can also print-on variable data. Minor editions are manufactured on inkjet printers that allow for almost all kinds of print-on of codes, numbers, security prints, and everything can be finished for direct mail campaigns. Moreover, we produce gift tags with scratch and number effects, as well as Christmas cards with built-in scratch and games.

Examples of Christmas lotteries that we manufacture:

Advent calendar with 24 scratch fields, advent calendar with 24 doors, Christmas gift tags with scratch effects and codes, Christmas gift certificates with unique codes covered by scratch field, Christmas cards with games and scratch for marketing.


We print in format from A6 to A1 and we can make cut-outs of Christmas lotteries according to customer request.