We print Advent calendars and Christmas lotteries

Largest supplier of Advent calendars to Europe

We manufacture large edition Advent calendars for use in marketing or fundraising on our large rotary printers where we can also print-on variable data. Minor editions are manufactured on inkjet printers that allow for almost all kinds of print-on of codes, numbers, security prints, and everything can be finished for direct mail campaigns. Moreover, we produce gift tags with scratch and number effects, as well as Christmas cards with built-in scratch and games.

We are experts in the production of Christmas calendars and Christmas lotteries

We are Denmark’s largest supplier of calendars

What is a Christmas calendar?

A scratch Christmas calendar / door Christmas calendar can be used to scratch / open a area every day in December until Christmas Eve, where there is usually a small surprise or a fun activity hidden behind each field. It’s a fun way to count down to Christmas, and can be a good tradition for both children and adults.

How can your company or NGO use a Christmas calendar.

A business can use a Christmas calendar as a form of marketing strategy, by giving customers or potential customers a daily surprise or offer in December, leading up to Christmas. It can be a good way to increase engagement and interaction with customers and can also help increase sales in December. A company can also use a Christmas calendar as an internal strategy, by giving employees daily rewards or motivation in December, to increase motivation and cohesion in the company.

An NGO (non-government organization) can use a Christmas calendar as a way to raise awareness and raise funds for their organization and projects. For example, they can create a physical / online Christmas calendar where you can open a door every day in December, and behind each door there is information about one of the NGO’s projects or activities. The NGO can also encourage people to donate an amount for each gate they open, or offer some form of reward or thanks for donations. An NGO can also use a Christmas calendar as an interactive way to engage people in their mission and work.


We produce the large runs of Christmas calendars for use in marketing or fundraising on our large rotary printers, where we can also print variable data. We produce smaller editions on inkjet printers which allow for almost all types of printing of codes, numbers, security printing, just as everything can be prepared for direct mail campaigns. In addition, we produce Til og Fra cards with scratch cards and number effects, as well as Christmas cards with scratch cards and built-in games.

Examples of Christmas lotteries that we produce:

Scratch Christmas calendar with 24 scratch fields, door Christmas calendar with 24 doors, To and From Christmas cards with scratch effects and codes, gift cards for Christmas with unique codes covered by scratch fields, Christmas cards with games and scratches for marketing.

Formats and finishing:

We print in formats from A6 to A1 and we can make die-cuts of Christmas lotteries according to the customer’s wishes. We foil or pack the Christmas calendars in envelopes with individual data, as well as cover letter. We also supply sales displays developed especially for Christmas calendars.