Internet and online lotteries

Combine physical scratch cards with your website and online check the payment of winnings from your website.

Case: Psoriasisförbundet (Swedish Psoriasis Association) – Sweden

Internet and lotteries

The customer scratches the fields and if there is a prize on the scratch card, the winner logs on to the organiser’s website (online) and enters the verification number, which is hidden under a scratch field. Now the customer can immediately see if it is correct that there is a prize on the scratch card and what he has won. At the same time further information is given on prizes and the customer is informed when he receives his winnings. It also provides the opportunity to present other products.

This verification system is very secure and can be used for many purposes.

For businesses

The verification system is also very suitable for companies that would like to collect leads and potential customers for the company’s marketing. This also provides a great many visits to the company’s website and increased knowledge of the company’s activities.

The company gives out scratch cards in connection with purchases, at any event, in the pedestrian area or in a direct mail – the recipient scratches the scratch card and sees if he has won something. If there is a prize, the winner is lead to the company’s website where the verification number is entered, and the winner can then see what the prize is or may choose from several prize options. This provides knowledge of your products or services and many visits to your website. At the same time, you may ask for information from the customer that can later be used in your marketing cf. the current rules after the new data regulation of May 2018.